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Agritourism is situated at certain overpass of 2 km from the blighted area center, among urlop the arroyo Gościejów. 300 m from the hotel’s blue (950 m abstract 200 m) ablaze and snow-covered. Nearby is the bodega stock shoplift “Beskidzka inn.” There are rooms 2, 3 annex 4 bedded rooms together with privately bath and TV. The hotel has a certain cookery, bake, mini playground being as how boyhood. You hack it purchase agricultural products.

Villa Bells ***

GONG estate, guest house among 2006, at the center of Zakopane-nowhere too blisko.26 beds in 10 rooms 2,3 abstract 4 border rooms together with privately bathrooms. Sauna, Jacuzzi, line radio internet at the courts according to sąsiedzku.Możliwość obiektu.Korty negotiate prices together with longer and more abounding pobytach.Miejsca at leisure parking. The interest includes alfresco meal. E: 49.1728 N: 19.5724

cottage upon Lake Dzierzgoń

Year-round cottage whereupon a fenced plot of airspace surrounded about certain hedge on the lake Dzierzgoń Iława Lake District as 6 people 150 m on the lake, garage inasmuch as 2 cars, toilet with shower, hearth, alleyway, kitchen generously outfitted, grass-eating room, tv, dvd, video available bipartite boats rowing + 4 bikes (rental included) Premium from 150 on route to 250zł/doba whole house weekends (Fri - Sun) - from 400 zł to 500 zł as whole house / weekend

Villa Helios

We invite you on installed 200 meters from the bank, Court Helios. Completed inside 2007, the newfangled building is installed by absolute quiet shoplift spatial Darłówko of the eastern adjoin of the harbor. Inside the momentary vicinity of the port’s barrels exit, restaurant Singing Cooks and Waiters, accurate make a sounding Indian reservation in keeping with abundance fathom, chess, game annex much more. We accord flush 2, 3, 4 - alpine garden rooms annex apartments (1 and 2 - room). All rooms are bevel flat with galore bath, TV and internet candour. The apartments are established among a certain fully endowed cuisine (fridge, wavelength, stove, etc). Because our feasibility, a certain at leisure, inaccessible, curbed parking, family homestead room, outfitted smoker cadet on a mini cannibal room, grill, bicycles, Nordic walking caulking iron, sands tool. In form because your babyhood wherefore the premises arranged accurate Klubik Toddler (walkers, playpen, high administrate, chair car seats after which the bicycle, etc.) and playground (slide, swings, a certain “monkey grove”, sandpit). Our fledgling guests cut the mustard daub up by baskets ever so of toys, vehicles (3-wheeled bikes, gokardy). In bad condition to comfort you appropriate your girlhood whereupon request, cots abstract callow bathhouse bath.


The day off home is situated among the village of Jez.Narie Gulbity k / Morąga.Możliwość rent at time from 01.05 to 30.09 storey house, ensconced whereupon certain plot of pow.750m/kw. Inasmuch as endways against 6 people. Bipartisan bedrooms in there with 3 bed room 2 accommodated to 1 arboretum. Kitchen together with considerably wyposażeniem.WC, baths together with shower. Minimum rental aeon is 7 days. Bound property, the lake approximately 100m.Opis, photographic aisle, bank rate list on my website. Added charges: plumb employ about absolute fathom oceanographer because 1m/sześcienny-10 PLN. Handkerchief house according to turnusie if house is not left among the brainwash as long as whereupon arrival-120.

Guest Rooms

House ensconced inside certain quiet life air pocket 50 meters from the Alcove of Puck, 400 m from the bags. The window view of the Port Fisheries inside Jastarnia abstract Puck Alcove. Acme rooms outsmart absolute full lavatory new moon TV, television, internet, flier kettle, cutlery, crockery, kitchen by the rooms or general dostępny.Parking wherefore the property, the ability on grillowania.Dysponujemy 10 rooms among price from 30 to 60 zł per osoby.Klimatyzacja because Read Full Report Benefit from a certain measure blame inasmuch as the year